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PUNCH Power 200 – Flywheel Power System

The PUNCH Power 200 uses high-performance flywheel energy storage capturing energy during periods of low power, to then deploy this energy at high power during short-term peak loads. As a result, the main power source can be sized around the average, low, long-term load. This enables the main power source to be sized closer to its peak efficiency, saving up-front as well as operating costs.

The PUNCH Power 200 has been deployed in combination with Diesel Gensets, Mains Connections, Battery Energy Storage and Hydrogen Systems. Its use is agnostic to the type of power source or fuel. In each application it ensures that the main power source is used as efficiently as possible and sized as close to the average power as possible. Downsizing by factors between 2 and 4 have been achieved on many construction sites.

This not only results in reduced power system costs, but also signification fuel, energy & emission savings.

PUNCH Power 200 units have load levelled the power demands from tower cranes, hoists, lifts, pumps, concrete batching plants, piling rigs, welding equipment and rock sizers.

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