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Genny Hire applies F1 technology to enhance its generators and deliver cost-savings

Tuesday 24th January 2023 | By Admin

Genny Hire Ltd (Genny Hire), a diesel generator hire company based in Kintore, Aberdeenshire, announces the arrival of the Flywheel Power System to complement its fleet of generators.

Flywheel Power Systems, supplied by PUNCH Flybrid Ltd (PUNCH Flybrid), a company based in Silverstone, England, has delivered the first of several of its PUNCH Power 200 – Flywheel Power System to Genny Hire, with another scheduled for later in January and the third to follow in early spring.

Using the Flywheel Power System enables generators to be operated more efficiently by bringing the energy profile down. The Power 200 uses high-performance energy storage, capturing energy during low power periods that can then be re-deployed during short-term peak loads. Deploying a Flywheel Power System with a generator means that the primary power source is used efficiently, resulting in the downsizing of generators. It will enable Genny Hire to specify generators sized closer to their peak efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and delivering operational cost-savings in fuel, energy, and emission savings.

Tobias Knichel, Managing Director at PUNCH Flybrid, said: “A lot of energy is wasted through applications that use generators because they have what is known as ‘dynamic profile’. By this, I mean that they use a lot of power intermittently in bursts, which uses much more energy than a steady supply of energy.”

Lorna Clark, Genny Hire Director, said: “We are pleased to be working with PUNCH Flybrid on introducing their Flywheel Power Systems to our fleet. We are the first company in Scotland to have Flywheel Power Systems based in Scotland. Numerous sectors will benefit from this technology, and we are excited to bring it to the northeast.”

The Flywheel Power System installation is Plug and Play, requiring only a 125 amps connection cable. The Flywheel plugs straight into the generator, which powers the Flywheel Power System and is very easy for Genny Hire’s rental customers to use. Supplying more energy efficiency and delivering cost-savings in fuel costs during the current economic climate is a benefit that Genny Hire can offer its customers.

Across the northeast of Scotland, Genny Hire has been providing generators to multiple industries that regularly include agricultural, food production, fish processing, quarries, and offshore energy customers.

Typically, Genny Hire would provide a 1000kVA generator to start the blast freezers for onshore fish processing and wholesalers. After that it may only need a 500kVA generator to run the blast freezer. By using the Flywheel Power System along with a 500kVA would mean that 1000kVa would not be required, as the combination of the Flywheel and 500kVA would be sufficient to start the blast freezers. For every enquiry, Genny Hire and PUNCH Flybrid would calculate the exact power requirements and Flywheel Power System and Generator combination required to meet each specific requirement.

Offshore equipment suppliers frequently use generators as part of the Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) to inspect and test systems before mobilisation offshore; 1250kVA plus 1500kVA generators are often used to test back deck equipment. Lorna Clark, Genny Hire Director, said: “We envisage that going forward, clients operating within the offshore energy sector, would see the size of the generators they would normally use for FAT testing, to downsize by factors of between 2 and 4 with the deployment of our Flywheel Power System.”

In 2022, Scotland produced over 3.1 million tonnes of cereal. However, due to weather conditions, farmers frequently need to deploy grain driers, which can be costly to run, especially given the recent fuel costs. One grain drier that Genny Hire supports could reduce the size of a generator which sometimes runs to 800kVA. By using a pairing of a generator with the PUNCH Power 200 Flywheel Power System, we would be able to reduce the size of the generator, and supply a smaller generator.

In conclusion, Lorna Clark said of the new business proposition: “This innovative technology will improve how we can support industries across the northeast. We anticipate that the Flywheel Power System technology will bring benefits to our clients in quarries, agriculture, fish processing, sawmills, maritime and offshore energy sectors – 2023 will be an exciting time for Genny Hire as we expand our product line to better support our customers.”

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